The Doing of Jesus

I ponder two phrases from our LORD’s teachings today. They are found in John 8: 28-29. The phrases are, “…I do nothing of myself…” and “… for I do always those things that please the Father…” When I think upon the words ” I do” I am thrilled beyond measure. Our Saviour desires to do all for His people. In these verses I find some controls He puts on His doing. He can do only that which the Father directs. May we learn great  lessons here. I can only do that which the Father directs. I can do all things through Christ who strengths us. Just imagine what would happen if God’s people only did that which the Father directs. The other control was to always please the Father. His Father later said, “This is my beloved Son in Whom I am well pleased”. Oh! May I always  do that which will cause Him to say oneday, ” Well done thy good and faithful servant”.


The Incarnation

John said in his gospel, that Jesus was the ‘WORD’ that was with God and He was God. Then said that the WORD became flesh, in other words, God became man.  Jesus is the God Man.  He is all God and all man. He showed this time and time again while upon the earth. We see Him become hungry and eat, yet He raised Lazarus from the dead. ‘Why’ He’s the God Man. One time He was asleep on a pillow yet he stood, spoke, and the sea was still. He shed blood yet He raised the son of ‘Nain’ from the dead. He’s the God Man. One time He showed anger in the temple, yet to touch His garment brought healing. One time He was weary and needed rest, yet He could walk on water. He’s the God Man. But the greatest of all thoughts is that the God man lives in me.

The Cleft of The Rock

I ponder the thought today of Moses being hidden in the cleft of the rock. I think in my fear, how safe am I ? I have rock on the back, and both sides, but an opening in the front. It is here any enemy could reach in and cause harm. Fanny Crosby’s great song removes all fear when she says, “He hideth my soul in the cleft of the Rock and covers me there with HIS hand. Nothing can pass that hand unless He ordains it.