Musing Through Matthew- Doctrines Of Man

Let us muse again today from Matthew 15:9 and the theme of Jesus the king. In our text today our Lord  offers a rebuke  for the teaching of man’s doctrines. In fact He tells them if you teach what you think, feel, or tradition taught, you worship me in vain. The word vain is the word for a vapor that appears for a moment and then vanishes away. This is another argument for preaching the Bible expositional , line upon line. When we take each word and give its meaning from the ancient languages in  its context we get more the mind of God and less of the doctrines of man.

Musing Through Matthew- Hypocrites Defined

Let us muse again today from Matthew 15:7-8 and the theme of Jesus the king. In our word for today we find hypocrites defined. In answer to those use excuses for not honoring  their father and mother, our Lord calls them hypocrites. He defines them as one who gives God tongue and lip honor but their heart is far from God. Let us guard our own hearts, search our hearts, and  be careful lest they be far from God.

Musing Through Matthew- The Honor Of Parents

Let  us muse again  today from Matthew 15: 4-6 and the  theme of Jesus the king. In our text today our Lord  deals with the honor of  parents. The great commandment of promise is here in play that you are to  honor  your parents that your days upon the earth may be long. Our Lord  brings up here  a tradition of saying Corbin the word for a gift when speaking of assets that a person would use to help their parents. This cry Corbin was to say that the assets were set aside for the Temple. Our Lord said any ploy to keep from honoring parents is a violation of the command.

Musing Through Matthew-Commandment Vs Tradition

Let us muse again today from Matthew 15:1-3 and  the theme of Jesus the king. In our text today we find truth on the subject of commandment versus tradition. The scribes and Pharisees pose a question to our Lord  about His disciples washing their hands in religious ceremonies. They acted as if it were law when it was nothing more than a tradition. He answers their question with a question. The question tells us that they are transgressing command with their traditions. There is so many rules in the Baptist Church that are nothing more than tradition. Let us be careful in imposing our traditions as law  on another is a very dangerous thing.

Musing Through Matthew- Sparks That Cause The Fire

Let us muse again today from Matthew 14:34-36 and the theme of Jesus the king. In our text today we find sparks that caused the fire. There was a group of men here  who had knowledge of Jesus’s power. When they heard He was coming they gathered  all the disease together. This gathered group begged to touch the hem  of His garment which speaks of the finished work of Christ. As many as touched the hem were made perfectly whole. Our Savior has power on land and sea. The touch of His feet calms  storms on the sea and the  touch of His hand heals the sin sick  diseases of the curse. Oh what a Savior is mine. May our cry today be touch me one more time precious Lord.

Musing Through Matthew-Worshipped Because Of Truth

Let us muse again today from Matthew 14:33 and the theme of Jesus the king. It is in this text we find the disciples worshipped because of truth. The word worship here means to crouch or prostrate before royalty while showing the affections of kissing the hand like a dog licking his master’s hand. This worship here comes about because truth has been embraced. The truth was that this storm experience had reveal to them that Jesus was God. Oh what a blessed day when I thru study of the Bible was overwhelmingly convinced of the Godhead of Jesus Christ.

Musing Through Matthew-Wet But Wiser

Let us muse again today Matthew 14:32 and the theme of Jesus the king. In our text for study today we find truth on the subject of wet but wiser. When they got back to the ship the wind and storm ceased. Peter was wet to the bone but wiser. He was picked up out of the water by Jesus and waked back to the ship. Peter did walk on water twice. Many say they walk hand-in-hand side by side. I don’t believe it. When he lifted Peter up they were face-to-face, Peter got Jesus in a bear hug, Peter’s feet on top of Jesus feet, and they walked back to the ship. His wiser  revelation was I am staying close to you and my eyes or ever more on you alone.

Musing Through Matthew-Great Faith And Little Faith

Let us muse again today from Matt 14:31 and the theme of Jesus the king. We see in our study today how quickly great faith  can turn to little faith. When Peter stepped out and walk on the water, what an exercise of great faith. The wind began to blow, he took his eyes off Jesus, and began to sink. Doubt and little faith made a quick appearance. Our Lord reached him a hand before He spoke to him of his little faith. Then Peter walking with Jesus, walk on the water in an exercise of great faith back to the boat. Oh how easy it is to exercise great faith when we stay close to our Lord.

Musing From Matthew- A Sorrowful “But”

Let us muse again today from Matthew 14:30 and the theme of Jesus the king. In the study today we find a sorrowful “but”. Peter is by faith walking on the water. The Bible says but when he saw the storm, he took his eyes off Jesus and he began to sink. Let us not miss the lesson to always set our eyes on things above and not on  things below.

Musing Through Matthew- Divine Authorization

Let us muse again today from Matthew 14:29 and the theme of Jesus the king. In our text for today we find truth about divine authorization. Let us remember Peter did walk on the water. Peter requested to walk on the water and our Lord said ,come. We can do anything if we have His divine authorization and are willing by faith to take Him at His word. Our problem is the willingness to take Him at his word by faith. It is not just to believe God can, or will, but to believe that God has already done it.