Musing Through Matthew-What A List

Let us muse again today from Matthew 15:19 and the theme of Jesus the king. In our text today we see what a list. The list of evil thoughts, murderers, adulterous, fornication,, false witnesses, and blasphemers. If these are the bees that are flying around can you imagine the darkness the hive of the heart must be. I think of this word blasphemers it is a word that is used of one who cusses our precious Lord with His name accompanied with a cuss word. How can one ever cuss such a precious God and Savior like we have. They must have a dark and depraved heart. Let us search our heart today and see if there be any wicked way in us and if there be such darkness found in us let us do as Barney Fife said nip it, nip it.

Author: tomgilliam

An Evangelist preaching the gospel, line upon line, precept upon precept, with enthusiam.

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