Musing Through Matthew- Daily Needs

Let us muse again today from Matthew 6:11 and the theme of Jesus King. It is in this portion of Scripture our King deal in the model prayer with our daily needs. The request begins with give us which lets us leaned that all our daily needs are a providential gift from our King. The request concerns itself only with today’s needs not next week, next month, or next year. The phrase our daily bread speaks of the very basic needs of the day. The request is not for a bunch of bread but just our bread. The prayer would deal with both heavenly bread for the soul and earthly bread for the body. If one prays this prayer they are magnifying the day by day dependency upon the King of heaven for the very basic needs.

Author: tomgilliam

An Evangelist preaching the gospel, line upon line, precept upon precept, with enthusiam.

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