Nicodemus’ Dilemma

Let us muse again today from John 3:4 and the Gospel according to the new birth. We find in our text that Nicodemus has a dilemma of thinking the new birth has a likeness or metaphor in his earthly birth. I fear that there is a Gospel being preached today making it sound like the birth is depended on the action of the earthly person. In explaining the metaphor Edwin Palmer said this: In birth the baby is completely helpless. He does not make himself. He is made. He is born. There is a complete passivity on the baby’s part. Obviously a baby could not say to his parents before he was born, “I determined that I shall now be born”, and so it is in the case of the spiritual birth. That which is not yet born cannot say, “I now will to be born”. That which is dead spiritually cannot say,  “I will to be alive.”. And that which has not yet been created can never say, “I will to be created.” These are manifested impossibilities. Rather, in the case of a baby, or creation yet to be, or a dead man being made alive, spiritual birth, or the creation of life comes solely at the direction of the Holy Spirit. It is He who does the deciding and not man. Man is entirely passive, the Holy Spirit is entirely sovereign regulating exactly whom He wills to be saved. Consequently John could say that the children of God or born not of natural decent nor of human decision or by the natural will of decision but they are born of God.

Author: tomgilliam

An Evangelist preaching the gospel, line upon line, precept upon precept, with enthusiam.

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