The Third Woe

Ley us muse today from Habakkuk 2:12-14 and a section I have entitled the prophet’s awaiting. The Lord has given the prophet 3 assignments the third of which is to declare the word. There are 5 woes given by the prophet in this declaration of the word. The third woe would be an exploitation of people. Babylon and its gardens were well-known as the seven wonders of the world. When we know that all they had was built  by using people as slaves the beauty seems to dwindle. There fall was great. What man builds without God’s approval will not last. He reminds us in verse 14 of the day when the earth will be filled with what God has done. Oh what a day that will be.

Author: tomgilliam

An Evangelist preaching the gospel, line upon line, precept upon precept, with enthusiam.

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