A Declaration of Destruction

Let us muse again today from Micah 1 10-16 and his sermon we have entitled a perception of doom. There is a third point to this message we are calling a declaration of destruction. Micah uses puns and poetry to express this destruction. In verse 10 the word Gath means tell it and Micah says tell it not in tell-town. In verse 10 the phrase at all is used with weep not and has the idea  of weep not in weep- town. The next town is mentioned in verse 10 and it is Aphrah which means dust. Micah says roll in the dust at dust-town. He mentions Saphir in verse 10 which means beauty and he says beauty is shamed at beauty- town. The town Zaanan means freedom to go out and Micah says no going out from out-town. The name Bethezel means friend or neighbor and Micah says no neighborliness in neighbor- town. In verse 12 Maroth  is mentioned which means bitter tears and Micah says no one with bitter tears at  bitter- town. In version 12 he mentions Jerusalem which means peace and he says there will be no peace at peace-town. In verse 13 Lachish is mention which means horse and he says the horsepower  is gone from horse-town. In verse 14 he mentions Achzib which means false and he says fase hood reigned at false-town. In verse 15 he mentions Mareshah which means the possessions and he says there are no possessions left in possession-town. Micah ends with Adullam which means testimony and he said  there is no testimony in testimony-town. My how God does spell out His judgment upon His wayward people. We are known for the great American dream, I wonder how long before the Lord says of us there is only a night mare in dream-town.

Author: tomgilliam

An Evangelist preaching the gospel, line upon line, precept upon precept, with enthusiam.

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