Obadiah’s Overview

Let us muse today from an overview of a little book called Obadiah. It has been called by some the tale of two brothers. It is centered around two brothers Jacob and Esau. They played a great part in biblical history and will once again be on the stage of the end times. They were continually at odds with one another. Jacob was the line through which the Jews came and Esau would be the line through which our Arab nation came through. There is no greater feud than a family feud or blood feud. History tells us this feud has deep, long, bitter roots, and any attempt to pull them up has only ended in failure. Let us be careful of the lease sign of a family disagreement it may lead to a root of bitterness that will never be up rooted.

Author: tomgilliam

An Evangelist preaching the gospel, line upon line, precept upon precept, with enthusiam.

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