Musing Through Matthew-” It Is I Be Not Afraid”

Let us muse again today Matthew 14:27 and the theme of Jesus the King. In our study today we find the phrase “it is I be not afraid”. In the midst of this roaring storm His majestic voice speaks and removes all fear from His disciple. When He is near and speaks all fear must flee. He who rules the tempest  is not the devil, not chance, not a dark unknown enemy, but Jesus alone. This thought”it is I be not afraid” should remove all fears.


Musing Through Matthew- Sight Is A Blind Thing

Let us muse again today from Matthew 14:26 and the theme of Jesus the king. In our text today we find that sight is a blind thing. Jesus came walking on the water and when they saw Him they screamed out in fear . The closer Jesus came the greater the fear was. The need for spiritual discernment blinds the soul to the presence of Jesus. Let me not be as Jacob and have to say surely God was in this place; and I knew it not.

Musing Through Matthew- In His Time

Let us muse again today from Matthew 14:25 and the theme of Jesus the king. In our study today we find a thought on the subject of in His time.  Our Lord waits to come to their storm situation until the fourth watch of the night. They have labored all the night and they are none the better. He will leave them in their storm thinking there is no way it can be worked out. Let us remember in these times of storms we fear will never be worked out that He can still walk on water, but it will be in His time.

Musing Through Matthew- A Storm Is Coming

Let us muse again today from Matthew 14:24 and the theme of Jesus the king. In our text for study today we find a storm is coming. Our Lord has put His disciples in a ship to go to the other side while He prays in the mountains. When they start out all seems to be well but suddenly a storm comes up leaving them in a night of a whirlwind. In life how quickly the storms can arise leaving us in the dark whirlwinds of life. Let us rest in the fact that Jesus is pleading on the mountain while we are struggling in the storm of life’s seas.

Musing Through Matthew- Alone In Prayer

Let us muse again today from Matthew 14:23 and the theme of Jesus the king. In remembering Jesus was the God man we also remember as a man He was tired from all the activities of the day. Our Lord found rest by getting alone and praying. It was there He found strength both spiritually and physically. He must have told the Gospel writers because they recorded the story. He didn’t tell them for the notoriety but that they would follow His example. Let us be found this day alone in prayer.

Musing Through Matthew- The Load Bearer

Let us muse again today from Matthew 14:22 and the theme of Jesus the king. Our text today unveils for us the load bearer. Our Lord immediately told His disciples to get into a ship and go to the other side while He sent the multitude away. He carried the load of sending the multitude away. He had power over them to get them to sit quietly while He fed them and He was the only one with power to disperse them and send them home. What a powerful Christ we serve.

Musing Through Matthew- 5000 Plus

Let us muse again today from Matthew 14:21 and the theme of Jesus the king. It is here today we find our Lord feeds 5000 plus. If each man had one wife and often they had multiple wives there are here in attendance 10,000 people. If each had one child and often they had multiple children there would be as many as 15,000 here. Oh how our Lord is known for taking our little and making it big. He will take the gospel which is so little thought of today as a remedy for man’s depravity and change a multitude of people.