Musing Through Matthew- Where Did The Tares Come From?

Let us muse again today from Matthew 13:27 and the theme of Jesus king. In our text today the servant who sowed good  seed for their master came to Him and asked where did the tares come from? They are actually asking Lord where did all this evil come from? This is a legitimate question to ask of our day. Let us like these take our question to Jesus the Lord of the harvest, but let us remind ourselves in asking or wondering about evil’s sewing that we must admit we have been asleep.

Musing Through Matthew-Springing Up Together

Let us muse again today from Matt 13:26 the theme of Jesus the King. Our text teaches today on the true of springing up together. In this field of wheat the enemy has sown tares, fake wheat or fake Christians. They both spring up together, one being good fruit the other evil fruit. The field is poisoned and often must be plowed under. Oh how many churches today lie in waste because they have not overseen their membership but let decision based converts, mere tares join them only to poison the flock. What does the enemy gain from such a work but a desire to display his hatred for the One who gave His life’s blood for the church.

Musing Through Matthew- Warning To Kingdom Sowers

Let us muse again today from Matthew 13:25 and the theme of Jesus the king. In our study for today we find a warning to Kingdom sowers. The warning is to us who share our faith with others, then sleep spiritually and do not watch in prayer for their soul. The warning is while in apathy the enemy will come in and sow tares in the field. These are fake Christians whom you cannot tell from the real ones until the harvest. They are ones who bring in modern thought, desire for worldly amusement, and talk more about holiness then living holiness. Notice the enemy the devil went his way. He goes on so that some will continue to think that he doesn’t exist.

Musing Through Matthew- Kingdom Sowing

Let us muse again today from Matthew 13:24 and the theme of Jesus the king. It is here we are reminded in a parable form of kingdom sowing. I believe He speaks here of our sowing of the seed the Word of God. I am reminded we must have good seed. We must rightly divide the word of truth study to show ourselves approved the workman that needed not to be ashamed rightly dividing the Word of truth. The text says the seed is sown in his field. If you have been redeemed  God has a field for you to sow in.Let us today be about that work.

Musing Through Matthew- The Good Ground Seed

Let us muse again today from Matthew 13:23 and the theme of Jesus the king. In our study for today we find the good ground seed. In this ground the word is heard, understood, and brings forth fruit. Let us remember hearing, understanding, and bringing forth fruit are all the work of a sovereign God. This ground brought forth various measures of fruit, some hundredfold, some 60 fold, and some 30 fold. Let us seek to be among those who bring for a hundredfold. Our Savior the lamb, the divine sower deserves a great harvest from us.

Musing Through Matthew- The Seed Of The Divided Mind

Le us muse again today from Matthew 13:22 and the theme of Jesus the king. In our study today we find the thought on the seed of a divided mind. The seed here is sown in the heart of one who has the care of this world for riches. Once that seed is sown the care for riches is like thorns and it chokes the Word of God and will not let it bring forth fruit. Let us handle riches and the world very carefully less they choke out the Word. May the great God of the Bible weed out those thorns so the Word can be fruitful in our lives.

Musing Through Matthew- The Stony Place Seed

Let us muse again today from Matthew 13:20-21 and the theme of Jesus the king. Our text for today teaches about the stony place seed. We have the same sower, Jesus and the same seed, the Word of God but with drastically different results. The seed is received with joy. This seems like a promising convert. How many of us who share our faith have such results. The seed just lies on the surface it has no roots and endures but a while. When trouble comes the professor is offended and gone. May I remind us that only a sovereign God cause the Word of God to take root in the soul of a lost sinner.